Holt Research Forest is the site of long-term ecosystem research

Continuous data collection and research has taken place in the Oak-Pine forest in Arrowsic, Maine since 1983

The Holt Research Forest is a 120-hectare (300 acres) forest located in Arrowsic, Maine, on property owned by the Maine TREE Foundation. Arrowsic is similar to the peninsulas found throughout Maine’s Mid-coast region. However, it’s an island surrounded by the Kennebec, the Sasanoa, and the Back Rivers in Maine’s coastal climatic region and the midcoast biophysical region is the island. This region has the greatest woody plant species richness in the state partly because it falls within the transition between the Northeastern coastal forest to the west and south and the New England/Acadian forest to the east and north. The soils are derived from shallow glacial deposits on ridges and deep glaciomarine sediments in low-lying areas.

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